Take care of your SAILS

One SailsFor all boats enrolled in the ROUND SICILY CULTURE SAILING Experience, we will reserve the following discounts:

  • 35% discount on new sails (mainsail and bow)
  • 20% discount on the entire service (repair, washing, rig, assembly and dismantling of sails and tops, etc., etc.)
  • 30% discount on new OneSails sails
  • 15% discount on new Upholstery products (lazy-bags, awnings, paraschizzi, various covers, cushions, etc., etc.)

ONESAILS – Performance that lasts over time. OneSails presents today sails and accessories specially designed and developed to meet the needs of shipowners in search of modern and functional technical solutions to make sailing more even faster and more enjoyable. For this reason, OneSails offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of any customer, also depending on the budget available, ranging from traditional cross-cut and tri-radial cuts to custom membrane genoa and genoa such as: Vektor, M3 and 4T FORTE. These exclusive exclusive products are made of one-piece continuous waveguide membranes to give the sail strength, lightness, shape stability and superior adjustment ease.


The sails operate in a hostile environment where salt and pollutants present in the air constantly attack the fabric and in the long run can cause serious damage to the sail. Likewise, with time and use, sails can wear out and require careful maintenance. A review at the end of each season is essential to contribute to their longevity. Our services include:

  • Disassembly and / or replacement of sailboats on board at a cost of € 30 * + VAT per person
  • Washing to remove salt, stains and moulds, drying and preparing for winter at a cost ranging from € 4 to € 6.5 * + VAT per square meter depending on how dirty both the sail
  • Check for wearing parts (seams, jaws, etc.)
  • Form review (if required)
  • Dismantling and / or replacing sconces and drifts at a cost of € 30 * + VAT per person
  • Scrubbing, scrubbing and scrubbing at € 2.5 * + VAT per kg
  • Inspection of boat rig time cost € 45 * + VAT per person


It is very important that any tear, whatever its size, is repaired as soon as possible to prevent it from extending and causing further damage. Most repairs can be done in less than 24 hours.


We are equipped to provide storage and winter service, to keep your sails dry until you need them again.

The cost for the deposit amounts to € 4 * + VAT per month for each sail.


Our company designs shadows, sprayhoods, bimini tops, covers, lazy-bags, cushions and winter tents tailored to your yacht. To achieve this, we offer our customers a wide choice of contemporary and highly qualified fabrics to withstand nautical performance. Among the most well-known and employed brands: Sergè Ferrari / Sunbrella / Weathermax / Marinetex.

In addition to new creations, we also maintain, repair, and repair existing covers and pillows to be repaired.

Among the services offered is the fabric re-waterproofing at the cost of € 3.5 * + IVA per square meter.