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WHY PARTICIPATE IN the Transatlantic Rally with CULTURE SAILING ?

In order to benefit from many advantages, such as:
our Culture Sailing 20% off the Grand Pavois full price (20% DISCOUNT)
our extra supervision on top of the already present from Grand Pavois professionals
our Culture Sailing welcome basket with local products
be welcomed by our port officer in Marina de Rubicon as soon as you land in Lanzarote before proceeding further
– a departure port, Marina La Palma, which is ideal for preparing a Transatlantic crossing
– an arrival in Marie-Galante, the jewel of the Islands of Guadeloupe
– the chance to sail the trade winds downwind
– preparatory seminars prior to departure (technical, medical, weather, etc.)
– technical and practical aids at the departure and arrival port
– rally, weather and medical briefing sessions prior to departure,
– satellite tracking of the fleet,– an official website with cartography to track the boats involved
– daily dispatches to all the boats of two positions/day, a weather update and news from the fleet
– collaboration with many international shipyards
– support from top quality institutional, technical, press and private partners!


After many years of setting its sights to Brazil, from November 2018, the “Rallye des Iles du Soleil” will be making the way to Guadeloupe and to the island of Marie-Galante, which will be the arrival destination for the 3rd Rally organized by Grand Pavois Organization. This new Transatlantic race is open to all sailors, monohulls and catamarans, measuring a minimum of 35 feet (10.60 meters).


The “Rallye des Iles du Soleil” has partnerships with numerous boatyards proposing operations and specific advantages with the owners of FOUNTAINE-PAJOT catamarans, AMEL, BÉNÉTEAU, JEANNEAU, DUFOUR YACHTS… If you are owners of one do not hesitate and contact us!


This new formula Transatlantic race will depart from La Palma (Canarias Islands).  Pontoon spaces will be reserved especially for registered boats several days before departure. The time needed for those who want to make final preparations, welcome new crew members, visit the Spanish archipelago, and more. Head westwards to Marie-Galante which will be the arrival destination of this Transatlantic race which should benefit from ideal sailing conditions in the northeastern trade winds.  An authentic destination, this island with a strong character is a wonderful and magical gateway to the archipelago of Guadeloupe. As you noticed, a stopover in Mindelo was proposed in 2018 for all the boats !


Note that you can contact us by telephone on +34 699 308 207   or   +44  20 36377898   or   +39 335 7409289

To register, nothing could be easier! Download here or ask us for your participation request form. After filling and signing it, scan or take a picture and send it back to us:
Once we have received your participation request form, we will send you the Rules & Regulations which you should return to us as soon as possible by acceptance.

Why? Because only a maximum of 30 boats will be on the starting line of this event!


What is the minimum boat size for the Rally?
Minimum length overall = 35 feet
How many people minimum on board?
For safety reasons we require to be a minimum of two crew members on board.
Will there be a briefing?
A pre-departure briefing will be organized in La Palma. You will reminded about the safety procedures set up, the expected weather conditions, your communication “obligations”  in order to allow your loved ones, on dry land, to enjoy the adventure with you. Remember that you will receive a Check list-Book (Road Book) a few weeks prior to departure in order not to leave anything to chance.
Can I embark as a crew member?
We are going to set up a specific procedure to list offers and requests. Keep your self posted and register for our newsletter in order to follow all our latest news.
When to leave for La Palma?
The “critical” points before arrival to La Palma are the Gulf of Biscay or the Atlantic fleets and the Gibraltar Strait for Mediterranean boats. Summer conditions are more favorable for crossing these two points with good conditions both for crossing the Gulf of Biscay and along the Portuguese coast (Portuguese trade winds). From September, the conditions may potentially become more complicated with the arrival of autumn low pressure systems (wind and sea head-on) which may make it difficult to cross the Gulf of Biscay or exit Gibraltar.  Be sure to anticipate weather conditions several days before setting sail and passing these two points.
Do you carry out a safety check before leaving my main port?
The organization will carry out safety checks at the departure port, namely in La Palma. Logically, boats should be ready and in rally configuration before leaving the mainland and should be in compliance – for boats sailing under the French flag – with the compulsory equipment required “Safety equipment for leisure vessels”.
Do you provide weather forecasts during the rally?
We will send a weather forecast for the zone to the boats’ e-mail address daily. Participants who wish to receive Grib files should be able to do so on their own.
Should I know how to send or receive e-mails?
It is compulsory. This will allow you to provide news and send photos to the organization to be posted on your “Information Wall” and will also allow you to download the daily weather forecast, receive information about the rally, the position of all the boats, all sent at set times, and stay in touch with your loved ones back home.
Will it be possible to follow us from dry land?
A map showing your position will be provided on the website and will be visible to all. A daily position will be posted.
What do you advise for medical requirements?
We recommend that you see your doctor before leaving. We will require you to provide a medical certificate authorizing ocean sailing. A list for a standard medical kit will be provided.  Note that this kit will be controlled prior to departure! It is one of the verified Security points. You may complete it according to your crew needs.
Do you provide nautical charts for the sailing zones?
In addition to an electronic map system expected on each boat we require you to have a set of paper nautical charts for the interested navigation areas. The list of charts required will be provided.
When we arrive at La Palma
Marina of La Palma provides all participants with pontoon spaces included in the registration costs, paid before departure. If you want to arrive before the expected dates, we recommend that you contact the Marina. The cost of space before scheduled dates are on you!