Who are we at Culture Sailing?

We program a growing collection of rallies that provide, boat owners and any participant sailors, the opportunity to experience the best of the local culture – their history and cuisine – all from the comfort and familiarity of their own boat. Enjoy new friends, new skills, and new experiences every year.

Culture Sailing acts as a blue water leader, helping all kinds of sailors. Some of us have owned several sailboats, from 31 to 55 footers. Our vessels are always suited for offshore navigation.

We have years of experience in sales & marketing, training, teaching, organizing the company’s events. We have years of participation in coastal as well as over 600 miles offshore regattas with a team or single-handed. We have thousands of miles of cruising and anchoring around the Mediterranean Sea under all conditions.

We come from many different professional backgrounds, countries, and cultures with passions in common: the sea, the people we encounter during our journeys and working hard. Some of us are experts in marketing, sales, channel management. We practice sports like kite surfing, running marathons, cycling, paragliding, scuba diving, stand up paddling but we don’t regret at all dancing salsa, drinking wine, making Gin & Tonic for friends, preparing pasta or a BBQ … Oops, we shouldn’t write that!

While building our cultural sailing programs (over the past years), we asked the advice of two of the most popular Sailing Rally Associations: the World Cruising Club and Jimmy Cornell’s Association. They were very kind to share their knowledge, and we are most thankful to them.

On the other hand, we have enough knowledge to offer advice on marketing and event deployment to other businesses in different markets.

Click here to meet the team at Culture Sailing and if you have any questions please do get in touch.

The crew of the leader boat in Round Sicily 2017
Henry, Armando and Claudio (crew of the leader boat on Round Sicily 2017)