We love people with a passion for the sea & for culture ...

Become a Culture Sailing Local Representative Ambassador

The CSLR will receive:

  • a monetary reward per enrolled or chartered boat
  • bonuses per each complete information lead you provide
  • a chance to apply on board of one of our boat leader when in a rally
  • a monetary reward for leading the next rally, using your boat as a flotilla leader
  • discount on boat fees when enrolling on a rally with your boat
  • have your info on our page to promote your own charter experience.

What are Ambassadors’ & CSLRs' unique features?

Being yourself

Our Ambassadors & CSLR are a contact reference for our sailor friends, clubs, ports and marinas communities:

Show your tanned face, share your passion and Culture Sailing facts, let yourself bright up by giving detailed information.

Share information and experience

You are excited each time you talk about Sailing with friends. Your eyes are the window of the sailor’s soul. You will always have a front row seat at Culture Sailing events and talking people into getting onboard.

Experience the rally experience

Could you fall in love with a wine or a pizza if you have never tasted them? That’s the same with participating in our offers: our Ambassadors and CSLR need to get in touch with our rallies, and realize sailors cannot live without them!


Culture & sailing are in your top 3 priorities, followed by enjoying the company of new sailor mates and local people:

that’s our idea of Ambassador & CSLR.

Partners / Sponsors / Friends

We want to partner with your association, club, charter company, training service, product company and travel agency. Please do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat about the different kinds of partnership/friendship:

  1. Co-branding partner: those who free-exchange of offers, marketing strategies, material, advertising and branding with us
  2. Discount partner: those who provide discounts to our customers or to us
  3. Product partner: those who provide free products, or services, to our customers or to us
  4. Full sponsor: in typical terms, a budget made available to us
  5. Friends: any organization who writes about us or simply those we consider our friend!
Contact us for details