Summary of our Round Sicily 2017 Rally

We conducted a survey of the people who attended the Round Sicily Culture Sailing rally in September 2017. Here is a bulleted summary of the results.

What did you think about:

  • The tours 4/5
  • Logistic organization 3.5 /5
  • Culture Sailing team 5/5
  • Menus 5/5
  • “Power Your Boat” seminar 5/5
  • Length in nautical miles over the itinerary: a little bit long
  • Anchorage and ports: 3.5/5
  • Would you like to stop more time in each place: Yes
  • Would you like more, or less, tours: perfect as-is
  • How about dinners, drinks with all the crew: perfect
  • Number of ports: perfect
  • Number of anchorages: more
  • Would you recommend, or participate, in other Culture Sailing rallies: Yes
  • How was this rally compare to other organizations: different