A new co-marketing between three complementary rallies

Why did Armando Richard Addati make a three-way agreement between Culture Sailing, La Route du Jasmin and Rallye des iles du Soleil?

First of all, they share a similar philosophy: sailing and sailors.

What Culture Sailing adds to it is the cultural ingredient – invented during the Dusseldorf Boat show of 2014 by Armando:

It took me two years to put together all the necessary bits to create the Round Sicily Experience. Even the World Cruising Association in 2014 and then Cornell Sailing Club in 2015 were enthusiast and gave me a lot of advice. The first suggestion was the timing. September is the right time to do it since most Med Sea boat owners navigate towards Sicily. Last year I discover that La Route of Jasmin change it’s arrival site from Tunis to Sicily Marina di Ragusa in August, so it was logical to start from Marina di Ragusa in September, a month when weather is nice and Italian tourism has calmed down, allowing sailors to sail with much less boat traffic and less people in the main ports. Also during the Round Sicily a boat owner who is thinking to cross the Atlantic can take the three weeks and the Culture Sailing organisation to start preparing the boat for the blue water.

Now was even more logical to get linked to an Atlantic Rally and here it came my idea to talk to Grand Pavois, the organiser of Rallye des Iles du Soleil, starting from Lanzarote, where Culture Sailing SL has it’s Headquarters.

I truly think the three Rallies can offer an amazing experience to boat owners and sailors, giving them complementary opportunities that can be performed and fulfilled by planning all in one same year or in two years while wintering their boats in the Island of Gods: Sicily.