Life is GOOD follow us

I learned about Lars Simonsen in 2017 in Düsseldorf when he talked about his family trip and their sailing adventure in the Med.

In 2018 I met this Danish sailor again, and this time, while getting to know each other, we discover to have a similar path in common. We both turned the page with a plan B after the European economic crises, and now we are both “in the same boat” as the Italians say.

He made a sailing trip after losing his job, so did I, he wrote a book (Life is GOOD follow us), and so did I (I sandali al cocco), he started a new venture in the adventures and events at sea market, so did I.

We have decided to promote each other since we both have a cultural approach to travelling at sea. An Orzaaaaa !!! to Lars and his family and all the Lars out there, from the Culture Sailing Team.