We love people with a passion for the sea & for culture ...

Partners / Sponsors / Friends

We want to partner with your association, club, charter company, training service, product company and travel agency. Please do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat about the different kinds of partnership/friendship:

  1. Co-branding partner: those who free-exchange marketing strategies, material, advertising and branding with us
  2. Discount partner: those who provide discounts to our customers or to us
  3. Product partner: those who provide free products, or services, to our customers or to us
  4. Full sponsor: in typical terms, a budget made available to us
  5. Friends: any organization who writes about us or simply those we consider our friend!
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We will arrange board & living and/or you might even navigate on a sailboat during the Rally.. While collaborating with us you will learn from other cultures, enjoying during work a new experience. We are searching for sailors with marketing, seminars and event organization background, who may help in any organization needs for our enrolled fellows.

Volunteers must be efficient in German or French or Spanish and English. Italian would also be beneficial.

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