The joys of a Culture Cruise around Sicily include exploring places and islands, testing navigation and anchorage skills with sudden wind changes and sitting to your anchor in a wild bay.
This requires self-reliance, some preparation and forethought, and a suitably equipped boat. We also recommend having up-to-date local GPS charts.


It is essential that you have at least two anchors of sufficient weight and a working windlass. CQR anchors are NOT recommended – much better we recommend Delta, Spade and Rocna. Having a choice of anchors will extend your choice of anchorages. Chain of appropriate size is better than rope (exp. 39 ft. boat with a 10 mm chain size) as it will stop the boat ‘roving’ in the rocks and when in the same small area boats can rotate in shorter circumferences but if you have a rope rode, an anchor chum or angel with extra weight along the line can help. A dinghy with an outboard motor will be necessary sometimes for going ashore.

Yachts at Anchor


Chartering could be an option for the cruise, and there are a number of charter companies offering a wide range of vessels in bareboat and skippered charter in local ports or marinas. If you are unused to commanding a boat, a skipper or a skippered charter may be the answer. We can provide you with suggestions of charter companies and skippers located in the area that best suit you.

If you are chartering from a different place, don’t forget to factor-in a few days for the trip from the gather place, and other days to return.

Food suggestions

Olive oil, tuna, capers, wine and spices are excellent and so are many other local goodies. When you have the opportunity we recommend you make a good provision for your onboard trip back home, you’ll enjoy it remembering the Round Sicily Culture Cruise when you return home.

Terra Arse Wine

Airports and ground transport
for crew in Sicily

To start and end, Comiso is the Low Cost airport near by Marina di Ragusa, and Catania is the next choice. The other two airports are located in Palermo and Trapani, in case you need to drop off a crew member.

Public ground transport in some places is really good but in many cases we suggest private company buses available for a cost from 20 to 50 euros per couple depending on distance. Taxis are an expensive option.